Enhance the security posture of your communications company

Increasingly complex cyber threats are targeting communications companies to steal customer and employee data, competitive information, and intellectual property. A breach of your information security can result in irreparable damage to your business.

Potential Risks

  • Exposure due to improperly controlled legacy systems
  • Unauthorized access to customer or organizational data
  • Security controls that prevent the sharing of data used for providing services
  • Downtime due to security incidents
  • Information security not aligned to business objectives – security “gets in the way”
  • Unknown vulnerability of assets – increasing risk to the organization
  • Improper use of operational resources – taking staff away from their daily duties
  • Unsecured connectivity for remote workers
  • Unsecured mobile and wireless devices

Recommended Services

Seccuris provides a wide range of information security services to full service telecommunication providers and content distribution companies. As an Information Assurance integrator, Seccuris brings significant depth and expertise in information security and risk management including:

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