OneStone™ Information Assurance Portal

24×7 Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Security Management

When it comes to safeguarding your enterprise, what you know is important. But knowing what you don’t know is crucial. At the heart of our Managed Security Services is the OneStone™ Information Assurance Portal.

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OneStone protects your organization from external and internal threats known and unknown through reliable 24×7 remote monitoring and security management that’s easy to deploy and provides immediate benefits. It guards you against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and keeps you compliant with rapidly changing industry and government regulations.

Utilizing Seccuris’s advanced security information and event management technology, and backed by a team of highly-trained security professionals and analysts in our Security Operations Center, OneStone focuses on threats and incidents based on accurate real-time information. Then it alerts you the moment a threat is detected.

Cost-Effective Security Solution

OneStone is a cost-effective solution ideal for organizations with a limited budget, staff or resources. It helps reduce the costs associated with maintaining a 24×7 in-house SIEM and security program (staffing, training, maintenance, and infrastructure).

We monitor your organization’s risks and threats remotely so you won’t need to hire and train additional personnel. Plus, since we manage your security, your IT personnel can focus on other vital responsibilities.

For a detailed cost comparison of OneStone vs. an in-house program, download our “Outsourcing Information Security” business case at the bottom of the page.

Advanced Security Options

OneStone offers the following services. To learn more, click on the links.

  • Threat Management—24×7 monitoring, management and notification of internal and external threats to your organization’s network environment.
  • Vulnerability Management—Provides on-demand scanning and assessment of the technical and environmental vulnerabilities in your computing infrastructure.
  • Log Management—Extends the threat management capabilities by providing vital historical log information collected and processed by OneStone.
  • Asset Classification and Tracking—Information assets are identified and classified based on business criticality, function, and importance, allowing calculation of related threats and vulnerabilities.

Watch this brief video to see how OneStone can help your organization maintain an effective security posture.

OneStone Dashboard — 24×7 Security Visibility

The cloud-based OneStone dashboard can be accessed through any device and gives you real-time 24×7 visibility into security issues and risks across your enterprise. That way key personnel can make effective risk-based business decisions at every level.

Executives get a top-down view of your risk exposure and how it affects your business objectives and critical information assets. IT Security Managers receive an operational view of your current security status so they can plan security operations and execute day-to-day activities. Security Analysts and IT Practitioners have access to advanced tool-sets for identifying threat events and supporting security operations.

Why You Need OneStone

These are just a few of the benefits of using OneStone to manage your security:

  • Rapid Deployment and Immediate Benefits—Doesn’t require remodeling of your network infrastructure or customer technical expertise. Plus, Seccuris professionals begin monitoring data and threats right away.
  • Improves Threat Protection—Provides 24×7 visibility and facilitates effective incident response to external and internal threats and unauthorized intrusions.
  • Increased Security Posture—Ensures proactive risk management and improves your overall security posture by gaining a deeper knowledge of potential problems.
  • Immediate Handling of Security Incidents—Our security professionals possess the skills and experience to triage and remediate threats in an effective and timely manner.
  • Helps Meet Industry Compliance—Provides enhanced information security controls, online real-time information, and comprehensive reporting to ensure compliance with various industry regulations.
  • Integration of Multiple Technologies—You can integrate various data sources, regardless of its type or manufacturer. This means minimal set-up costs, and a significant flexibility in how you apply technology.
  • Custom Intelligence Reports—You can generate detailed, consolidated reports reviewed by our trained analysts to track your information security progress and provide actionable data.
  • Cutting-Edge Research and Development—Seccuris invests heavily in research and development to create ground-breaking tools and techniques that ensure your information is well-protected.

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