Incident Response Services

Respond Effectively to Any Security Incident Threatening your Business

Information drives business and the more valuable the information, the greater the likelihood that information will be targeted. Threats can originate from anywhere and, despite careful planning, a clever attack can take many forms, such as a virus, malicious code, or a data breach by a hacker, terrorist, competitor, or employee insider.

With so much information contained in a complex IT infrastructure, detecting whether an incident has occurred can also be challenging. Without adequate preparation and an appropriate response, a single incident can cripple your organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Seccuris Incident Response Services

Seccuris’s Incident Response Services provides your organization with the ability to identify, respond to, and mitigate incidents in any technology environment, while minimizing the expense of maintaining investigative and digital forensic resources. Our typical incident management process manages information and event chain of custody throughout the service lifecycle.

Seccuris’s Incident Response Services allow you to recognize an incident, evaluate the associated risks, and determine the most effective approach to remediate the incident. We eliminate uncertainty enabling educated decisions for better protection—before, during, and after an attack.

Examples of incidents include:

  • Virus or other malicious code
  • Attack from a hacker, terrorist, or insider
  • Competitive intelligence gathering
  • Unauthorized acts by employees

Seccuris works directly with clients to define and document preferred notification schedules, priorities, methods, and contacts for incident escalation. Notification and escalation processes for security incidents are tailored to each client and reflect how the incident occurred and the content and people affected.

Our approach to incident response enables you to position your organization a step ahead of any incident. The Seccuris’ Incident Handling methodology provides a structured approach to preparation and response. Aligning with this methodology, and enabling the appropriate team and procedures, demonstrates due care and a comprehensive framework for dealing with and recovering from incidents.

Incident Response Services Methodology

Incident Response Services Methodology


Incident Response Services from Seccuris protect your business and provide many other benefits, including:

  • 24×7 Response—Gain immediate access to our world-class secure response team the moment an incident occurs.
  • Mitigate Future Risks with Post-Incident Advice—Apply industry best practices to strengthen security controls and leverage the latest intelligence from Seccuris security experts.
  • Speed your Recovery and Return to Business as Usual—Reduce downtime during a security attack and accelerate your ability to contain threats. If necessary, Seccuris incident response specialists can also engage the in-house forensics team for further analysis.

Why Seccuris?

  • Extensive Capabilities—Seccuris response teams are backed by additional capabilities such as legal advisory, privacy, regulatory, and public relations specialists
  • Impartial Investigations—Our experienced investigators perform a thorough and impartial analysis of the incident
  • Dedicated Response Teams—We organize for your business an incident response team that implement a resource strategy designed to align to your needs in the most effective manner, while providing deep technical support through communications and legal advisory services where and when needed
  • Specialized Evidence Acquisition and Preservation—Seccuris collects and safeguards evidence using the latest methods and technology available


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