IT Risk Management

Identify, Prioritize, and Measure IT Risk Across your Organization

With rising threats, increased regulatory requirements, greater budget pressure, and more complexity in the IT environment, security professionals and business executives need to have enterprise-wide visibility of their environment.

Without understanding the business impact of IT risk across the organization, the possibility of business disruption, loss of sensitive information and non-compliance with both internal policies and external regulations is a significant concern.

Seccuris IT Risk Management and Compliance Services

Seccuris specializes in conducting risk assessments as well as testing services for various government, private and public sector organizations. The table below lists the various Seccuris Risk Management and Compliance Services.

Seccuris IT Risk Management and Compliance Services

Seccuris IT Risk Management and Compliance Services

The constantly changing vulnerability landscape is a dynamic threat requiring constant attention. To mitigate risks, organizations must be able to manage known vulnerabilities and identify new ones.

Working with Seccuris, organizations will be able to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the impact to the business and will receive actionable safeguards that anticipate and counter threats. Protect all of your electronic assets and the continuity of your business, while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Seccuris’s IT Risk Management and Compliance services protect your business and provide many benefits including:

  • Enhanced security posture—Improves your organization’s security posture by providing actionable recommendations to address existing vulnerabilities.
  • Increased awareness—Make informed decisions about how to manage risks—target spending, prevent impacts, and manage risks to an acceptable level
  • Prioritized IT requirements—Prioritize your IT security requirements allowing you to focus your investment in IT security where it will have the greatest impact.
  • Ensure proactive risk management—Gain deeper knowledge of your vulnerabilities and the threats that can exploit them
  • Improved Compliance—Improve and demonstrate compliance with major regulations such as SOX,PCI, NERC/ CIP, SAS70/SSAE16, HIPAA, ISO, and more.

Why Seccuris?

  • Meaningful Reporting—We categorize your assessment results threat level, business risk and affected assets and provide technical narratives to assist remediation efforts.
  • Strong Focus on Business Outcomes—A Seccuris risk assessment has a strong business focus, mapping technical vulnerabilities to business risk. We provide business value, not just a simple technical review.
  • Real World Business Advice—Seccuris goes beyond automated tests and reports and provides real threats that are relevant to the application and the industry rather than note adherence to a generic standard.
  • Knowledgeable Professionals—Our industry certified security experts are able to provide you with practical threat analysis and mitigation recommendations, as well as strategies and options based on your industry, company size, budget and  risk tolerance. Seccuris employees have real industry experience that allows them to understand your needs and limits, providing you with practical, knowledgeable advice and guidance.
  • A True Security Practitioner—A dedicated focus on Information Assurance and security differentiates Seccuris from other consulting firms and security service providers, through the maintenance of significant depth and capability. Seccuris delivers innovative and comprehensive Information Assurance services and solutions that provide value to our clients.
  • Proven Methodologies—Our team members use practical approaches, proven in the information security realm. Unlike complex, rigid methodologies, our guidelines can be easily tailored and customized to meet unique client requirements. 


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